photo taken via Paco Is Desperate! Facebook

Midwestern post-hardcore outfit “Paco Is Desperate!” announced in a lengthy Facebook post that they will be re-releasing their studio album “Unraveled” Read the statement below.


After lengthy internal dialogue, we have made the decision with Bike Rack Records to remaster and re-release our full length album “Unraveled”. The exact release date of the remaster is TBD, but it will likely be both a digital and physical re-release.

On to the more difficult topic to discuss. Over the next few weeks, all pre-Unraveled Paco releases will be removed from streaming services and the Paco Bandcamp and moved to a central Bandcamp specifically for Ashlee’s solo material. The reason for this is as simple as we don’t feel that pre-Unraveled releases are representative of the quality we have come to expect for our music and they also are not representative of the direction we as a band are going.

What this doesn’t mean is that these releases will be lost or forgotten. They are simply being recategorized as solo releases instead of Paco Is Desperate! releases. “Unraveled” will now be known as Paco LP1.

Those records mean a lot to us, but we want our growing listener base to identify us with the music we’ve worked so hard on over the past year as a band and not with the solo recordings from before Unraveled. I understand this may not be a super popular decision with our long time supporters, but it is a decision that was in and is necessary. I appreciate your understanding.”

We actually caught up with vocalist Ashlee Nunley, and asked him some questions!

Do you feel like there’s anything wrong with the original unraveled? what made you want to re-release?

We talked with Michael (the producer) and he just wanted another stab at fixing a few issues with the original mix. This isn’t a re-record of Unraveled, but a remaster. Polishing some stuff and cleaning up some of the vocals and such, mainly.

Will there be any more remasters of older projects?

Possibly. Who knows? Definitely open to it, but not as PID! The original albums will all be categorized going forward as my solo work and not Paco stuff.

When can we expect this to release? Sooner than you think!

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