August 7, 2020 marked the release of Pottsville, PA rock outfit Phazed’s latest single “Homebody” on the Punkstyria label, and what a release it was. Several weeks later after its official worldwide release and we’re still blown away by the furiosity and intensity of the track.

The song, produced and mixed by local acclaimed producer John Lesko, is very vocal in its intentions. With crushing in-your-face guitar riffs and strong lyrics of the alienation and social isolation felt by many during the “new normal” of the past few months, the result is easily one of Phazed’s most visceral songs. From the chilling vocal harmonies of the song’s chorus to the stripped-down second verse and, finally, to the song’s climactic breakdown featuring dual-growled vocals from lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Logothetides and longtime bassist Andy Kelley, Phazed holds back no punches on this track.

You can find Phazed at

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