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Yesterday I talked to Taylor Eby of handguns.

1. Most meaningful song that was written in Handguns?

Lyrically, they’ve all been pretty meaningful. Just about every song in our catalogue is written from a very personal point of view.

2. What has been the most influential artist or band for you personally?

I was 12 went I went to my first show which was Senses Fail. I remember that being the pivotal moment of my life where I knew that being in a band was something I had to do. It’s really hard for me to pin point a specific artist that specifically influenced me because I listen to so much different stuff. I think whatever I’m listening to at the time is whatever I get influenced by.

3. What have you been listening to the most recently?

I let spotify make mixes for me and so far it’s been the new FYS record (Brain Pain) and a lot of Fireworks

4. Do you remember the best live show you’ve played so far?

Some of my favorite sets were in 2012 on tour with Man Overboard

5. In the time of 2010/2011 there was the start of a pop punk/ “alternative” wave. In your experience, do you feel there’s a new scene starting to take place again with bands such as Hot Mulligan, Grayscale, Belmont, etc..?

It’s hard for me to say, because now that I’m a little bit older and have more responsibilities, I find it difficult to follow music trends but I will say that all of those bands are great and are 1,0000 percent deserving of all the attention that they’re receiving.

6. How has Handguns changed over the years in your experience?

The most obvious answer to this would be the slew of member changes though out the years but I would say everything has become a lot more laid back with not having a label and management giving us deadlines and what not. It’s all up to us when we want to do things.

7. When the Lights Burn Out was released only a few months ago. What was the writing process for that like? How is it different from your last couple of albums?

We did that record in sessions, which we had never done before but it gave us more time to focus on the songs and make sure they were absolutely album ready.

8. Aside from music, how have you been handling your quarantine?

This quarantine was a blessing in disguise for me and my fiancé. We’ve been able to catch up on bills that we were behind on and find a house for when our son gets here.

9. Lastly, what happened in the airplane bathroom with you and Jake?

I won’t give you the full details but I will say it involved dirt, a bane mask and rocket paste!

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