Today [November 6th of the foul year 2020] marks the release of Sal Fratto’s solo debut single “Living in the Sad World” on his new label Fire Truck Records, which he co-founded with Elephant Jake bandmate Andrew Demarest. The single is the first track released off of Sal’s upcoming EP and is available on Bandcamp and all major streaming sites. I had the great pleasure of reviewing the latest Elephant Jake EP a few months ago and was beyond excited when I heard Sal was working on new music.

The track, clocking in at just over two minutes in length, features a much more laidback sound than fans of Sal’s work with Elephant Jake might expect, but make no mistakes, the clever artistry is as present as ever. The layered guitars in the verses provide a warm surrounding sound for Sal to serenade us with his trademark vocals as crashing cymbals wash over the rest of the soundscape. The tone is certainly autumnal and evokes a nostalgic feeling reminiscent of walking through strewn-about leaves in Fall.

There’s a particular intricacy to be appreciated in the tasteful approach to the chorus of the track. The acoustic guitar work is sparse here and leaves room for the bass guitar to really drive the melancholic mood of the song. When actively listening, you’ll find a soft flute-tone keyboard audible that floats atop the moody bassline, perhaps providing a leitmotif of lightness to the overall somber feeling of the track; we may be living in the sad world, but we are nonetheless living, and there is joy to be found in that.

Overall, the track shows great creative potential for Sal Fratto’s solo endeavors and we here at Punkstyria are eagerly anticipating the release of the full EP in the hopefully not too distant future.

Sal Fratto and Andrew Demarest, co-founders of Fire Truck Records

You can find Sal Fratto on Bandcamp at

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