Photo via Jason Noecker

We talked to Jason of Sumner Park about his drumming style and influences.

What got you into drumming?

Going to my uncle’s house as a kid and seeing and hearing him play. 

How would you describe your drumming style?

Punk with a little bit of pop sprinkled in. 

Who is your favorite drummer and why?

Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio. Watching him drum, he makes it look so effortless. 

If you could guest play in and band, active or defunct, who would it be and why?

The Wonder Years or Alkaline Trio because they’re my favorite bands of all time. 

What was the best show you ever played?

La Plata Fria in Newark, Delaware. January 31st, 2020. 

How long do you practice for? Do you feel like it’s beneficial to learn different techniques?

Unfortunately I don’t get to practice daily because I live in an apartment, so I only practice when the band does. About 1-2 hours a week. Learning different techniques is very important if you want to grow as a drummer. 

What are your current drum goals? What do you want to get better at?

Honestly, I just want to be able to do a paradiddle consistently without messing it up. But no, I’d like to be known for a certain beat, whatever it may be. I’d like to get better at kick patterns. 

When you started playing in bands, how long did it take you to get comfortable playing with other people?

It didn’t take long once I started playing in bands, but before that I’d only play when no one was home to hear me.

Sumner Park is currently in the process of making a full length, which will be released on Punkstyria. Stay tuned for upcoming shows, music, and more!

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