REVIEW: “Orange Crush” by Freeway Jam

January 1, 2021, will mark two important events: the release from the odd year that was 2020, and the official debut release of Freeway Jam’s new single “Orange Crush” on Full Force Music. Mixed and mastered by Leon Karpovich at Shadow Sound Design, this will be the first of several singles from Freeway Jam inContinue reading “REVIEW: “Orange Crush” by Freeway Jam”

REVIEW: “Living in the Sad World” by Sal Fratto

Today [November 6th of the foul year 2020] marks the release of Sal Fratto’s solo debut single “Living in the Sad World” on his new label Fire Truck Records, which he co-founded with Elephant Jake bandmate Andrew Demarest. The single is the first track released off of Sal’s upcoming EP and is available on BandcampContinue reading “REVIEW: “Living in the Sad World” by Sal Fratto”

REVIEW: “Looking Good Feeling Good” by Elephant Jake

NY indie pop-punk darlings Elephant Jake return with the release of their latest EP “Looking Good Feeling Good” and they do not disappoint. Having been fortunate enough to have caught an EJ concert with a friend at the now-defunct Soda Bar in Philadelphia, PA in early 2020, I was familiar with the group’s inspired, butContinue reading “REVIEW: “Looking Good Feeling Good” by Elephant Jake”

CONCERT REVIEW: The Customers @ The Rat’s Den, 8/28/20

“The boys are gonna warm you up and then I’m gonna come in and ruin it for ya!” New Jersey indie rockers The Customers played at The Rat’s Den in South Jersey on August 28, 2020, to celebrate the release of their new single “Go Home”. Having seen them earlier this year at the now-defunctContinue reading “CONCERT REVIEW: The Customers @ The Rat’s Den, 8/28/20”

REVIEW: “Homebody” by Phazed

August 7, 2020 marked the release of Pottsville, PA rock outfit Phazed’s latest single “Homebody” on the Punkstyria label, and what a release it was. Several weeks later after its official worldwide release and we’re still blown away by the furiosity and intensity of the track. The song, produced and mixed by local acclaimed producerContinue reading “REVIEW: “Homebody” by Phazed”