CONCERT REVIEW: The Customers @ The Rat’s Den, 8/28/20

“The boys are gonna warm you up and then I’m gonna come in and ruin it for ya!”

New Jersey indie rockers The Customers played at The Rat’s Den in South Jersey on August 28, 2020, to celebrate the release of their new single “Go Home”. Having seen them earlier this year at the now-defunct Soda Bar in Philadelphia, PA, I was familiar with the group’s inspired jangle pop sound and was excited to see them again.

With reverb-laden guitars and a slick lead singer who’s always donning his signature sunglasses, The Customers always entertain with ease. Throughout the course of their headlining set, the audience was treated to interweaving guitars that ranged from rougher distorted rhythms to beautifully shimmering leads while the crooning singer, the looming wall of sound behind him, serenaded us with his charm and presence. There was an intriguing sense of danger in his performance, though, that came to an apex when the band’s combined intensity overloaded the PA system speakers, distorting his voice and becoming one with the warm distortion of the guitars. A great contrast from the calming ambience that marked the start of their set, it’s fair to say the sound of The Customers is far from static.

Never a dull moment in their set, the audience present was constantly moving to the band’s grooving sounds. Despite being drenched in sweat from the ultra humidity of the elements (plus it was a basement in New Jersey, what would you expect?), the band obliged to fans’ requests for an encore and delivered another round of their signature songs. Truly a class act!

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